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Field Services Division

The Addison Police Department is organized into three primary divisions. They are the Field Services Division, the Support Services Division and the Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center. The Field Services Division and the Support Services Division are subdivided into smaller sections and/or shifts as are appropriate. Each division is led by a Deputy Chief who works under the direction of the Director of Police and, in general, coordinates the activities of their respective divisions.

The Field Services Division consists of the Patrol Section, which is divided into the following various units:

  • Patrol Section
  • Traffic Safety Unit
  • Community Response Unit
  • Community Service Officers 

Patrol Section

The allocation of personnel within the Patrol Section is made by assignments to four geographic areas, the Traffic Safety Unit and the Community Response Unit. Each geographic area, as well as the Traffic Safety Unit and the Community Response Unit, is made up of a field supervisor and patrol officers, with a designated Commander responsible for each area or unit.

The Patrol Section is responsible for the protection of life and property, the prevention of criminal activity, the apprehension of criminal offenders, the preliminary investigation of calls for police service, and continuous 24-hour patrol by uniformed police officers in marked police vehicles. This responsibility includes such activities as

  • Enforcement of statutes, ordinances, and traffic laws
  • Responding to and handling calls for service
  • Preliminary investigation of all crimes and incidents unless otherwise specified
  • Follow-up investigations when feasible
  • Suppression and prevention of crime through varied methods of patrol
  • Traffic accident investigation, traffic direction and control
  • Preservation of the peace
  • Arresting offenders for violations of State statutes and Village ordinances
  • Evidence collection and preservation
  • Provision of emergency services
  • Regulation of certain businesses or activities as required by law
  • Preparing cases for prosecution in court
The Patrol Section is charged with the major function of the police agency — the prevention of crime and the arrest of violators. It is the major part of the Department’s efforts to preserve peace and to protect life and property through enhanced relationships with the community (Community Oriented Policing). In addition, the Patrol Section is established for the main purpose of rendering the most effective police service possible to the public. Officers respond to calls and emergencies of every conceivable nature and are trained and equipped to take effective action under the most trying circumstances.
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Other Specialties
Police officers in the Patrol Section are also eligible for training in specialized areas within their assignment including

  • Evidence Technician
  • Field Training Officer
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Crime Prevention Officer
  • Gang Tactical Officer
  • Juvenile Officer
  • Physical Fitness Instructor
  • Accident Reconstructionist
  • D.A.R.E. Instructor
  • Undercover Narcotics Officer
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Arson Investigator
  • Foot Patrol Unit
  • Crisis Intervention Team

Community Service Officers
Community Service Officers (CSOs) are non-sworn personnel who are cross-trained in a variety of areas. CSOs are responsible for the following functions of the Addison Police Department:

  • Handling animal complaints
  • Parking enforcement
  • Abandoned auto removal
  • Traffic control
  • Non-emergency requests for service
CSOs can also specialize in 

  • Property and evidence control
  • Business ordinance enforcement