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As yesterday's gathering and march unfolded peacefully, another is expected to take place tomorrow.  

Saturday, June 6, 2020 
4:00 PM

Black Lives Matter movement is organizing a second assembly and march.  This was originally anticipated to begin at the southeast corner of Lake and Mill.  However, this location has now come into question and a new location is being evaluated.  At this time, we are unsure where this gathering will begin.  As yesterday indicated, the Police Department is prepared and they will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds and adapt as necessary.  

From our understanding, there is a plan to march along Lake Street and end with a gathering on the Village of Addison campus.  We expect this will be a peaceful gathering and respect the right to peacefully assemble, but remind attendees that violent acts will not be tolerated.  If you witness any criminal behavior or unusual situations, please contact 9-1-1 to report an emergency.  Do not report such behavior via social media.  If you prefer, you may report anonymously when calling 9-1-1.

We will continue to keep the community up-to-date.

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