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Support Services Division

Support Services Division

Property and Evidence Unit

This section handles all the evidence turned in by Addison Police Officers from crime scenes. It also handles other property such as found items, records being held for court, and photographs that may be needed by police officers or the State’s Attorney. All evidence and property is entered into a computer system known as the BEAST System, which stands for Barcoded Evidence, Analysis, Tracking System.

The Property Custodian is responsible for notifying owners when property is ready to be released, for checking the court system case by case for dispositions, and for holding auctions on unclaimed property. The custodian also checks out property for court, prepares evidence that needs to be transported to the lab or to the State’s Attorney’s office, prepares evidence for destruction, which includes the special handling of guns and drugs, and orders and stocks items that are needed by Evidence Technicians for crime scene processing.