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Support Services Division

Support Services Division

Records Management Section

The Records Management Section is a component of the Support Services Division and is responsible for the centralized records function of the Police Department. The Records Management Section is supervised by the Records Supervisor, who reports directly to the Administrative Sergeant.

The mission of the Records Management Section is to provide information support to the Police Department through efficient records retention and accurate and effective information services while ensuring system security and the personal privacy of those who come to the attention of the Department.

In order to provide the highest standard of customer service to our community and internal clients, the Records Management Section adopts the following values:

Professionalism Confidentiality Accuracy Compassion
Efficiency Respect Pride Dependability
Teamwork Initiative Loyalty Integrity

The Records Management Section receives, processes, stores, and maintains police records in such an orderly manner as to provide an expedient retrieval of same. Records Management Section personnel insure that the transfer of data and statistics to computer systems is accurate and complete. In addition, they provide data and records to citizens, along with State and federal agencies as provided by law and Police Department General Orders.