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Employment/Volunteer Opportunities

Employment/ Volunteer Opportunities

Employment/Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment at the Addison Police Department.

The Human Resources Division is accepting applications for one (1) vacancy in the at-will F.L.S.A non-exempt, full-time position of Community Service Officer in the Village of Addison Police Department.

The Board of Police Commissioners of the Village of Addison is currently not accepting lateral applications for the position of police officer with the Addison Police Department. Please continue to monitor the Addison Police website for future updates for employment opportunities.

  • The application is free to all applicants.
  • Faxed, emailed, mailed or dropped off applications will NOT be accepted.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will NOT be accepted.
  • Only one application per person per testing cycle will be accepted.
To apply for this position or obtain additional information, please visit www.applytoserve.com.

(as of 11/01/23)
Salary:  $84,359.36 TO $119,713.46 (contract expires 10/31/2027)

(as of 11/01/23)
Starting Salary for Lateral Positions: $84,359 - $94,947
Maximum Officer Salary: $57.5545/$119,713.46

  • United States citizenship
  • No felony convictions
  • Valid State-issued driver's license
  • Minimum of 20 years of age and under 35 years of age by the application deadline date (), unless otherwise exempt by State statute. All applicants that are 20 years of age must turn 21 years of age by the time of Official Certification as a Police Officer by the Illinois Training and Standards Board. This certification usually takes place during the last week of the Police Academy Training.
  • Possess an Associate's degree OR the equivalent of at least sixty (60) credit hours at an accredited college, university or junior college (official transcripts will be required at the background investigation stage).
  • No tattoos will be permitted unless they are covered by the appropriate uniform. This includes but is not limited to the hands, neck and face.
  • The application is free to all applicants.
An applicant with less than five (5) years of experience who is a police officer in good standing with the law enforcement agency he/she is employed with and certified by the State certification board is eligible to be placed on a lateral transfer eligibility list.

  • Lateral transfer candidates are NOT required to attend the Orientation.
  • Lateral transfer candidates are NOT required to take the P.O.W.E.R. test.
  • Lateral transfer candidates are NOT required to take the written exam.
  • Lateral transfer candidates ARE required to participate in the oral interview process.
To be eligible for the Lateral Transfer Eligibility List, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Status as a sworn municipal, Illinois State Trooper or County Sheriff's Deputy not to exceed five (5) years of experience; AND
  • In good standing in the police department in which the person serves or was a previously sworn Village of Addison Police Officer who left/separated from the Village of Addison Police Department in good standing and has been gone/separated from the Village of Addison Police Department for no more than one (1) year; AND
  • Out-of-state applicants will be required to attend a State of Illinois Basic Law Enforcement Academy; AND
  • Possesses substantially equivalent skills and abilities as a Village of Addison Police Officer who has completed the probationary period; AND
  • Possesses an Associate's degree OR sixty (60) semester hours of credit from an institution accredited by the U.S. Department of Education; AND
  • Has taken and passed such examinations as the Commission deems necessary to determine fitness for duty as a police officer.
Preference points will be awarded as determined by the Village of Addison for the following:

  • Military: Persons who are engaged in the military or naval service of the United States for at least one (1) year and were honorably discharged will be awarded five (5) points. A copy of Form DD-214 (indicating the status of discharge) must be submitted with the application to qualify.

Orientation: Required attendance
Physical Fitness: Pass or fail
Written: 70% or above is passing. It is 100% of final score.
Psychological and Polygraph: Pass or fail
Oral Interview: Pass or fail
Background Investigation: Pass or fail
Medical: Pass or fail


*As of 11/01/23
(9 Steps to maximum salary)
Starting Salary: $40.56/$84,359.36
Maximum Salary: $57.55/$119,713.46

1 to 4 years:  10 days
5 to 11 years: 15 days
12 to 19 years: 20 days
20+ years: 25 days

Benefit Days
3 personal days per year
12 sick days per year
10 paid holidays per year
Pension and social security

Medical, dental and optical
Term life insurance equivalent to two times annual earnings to a maximum of $250,000

After hire, Police Officers will successfully complete a Law Enforcement Board-approved police training academy and the Department Field Training Program during their probationary period.

Clothing and Equipment
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT: Supplied and maintained on Quartermaster System
FIREARM: Supplied Glock 17, 9 mm semi-automatic, Generation 5
UNIFORM MAINTENANCE: Dry cleaning paid by Department
EQUIPMENT ALLOWANCE: $500.00 per year toward the purchase of shoes and approved equipment
BODY ARMOR: 100% of purchase price with signed agreement to wear while on duty

Residential Population (in 2022): 35,127
Industrial Area: 4th largest in State
Median Home Price (in 2024): $379,000
Total Housing Units: 13,091
Police Department: 68 sworn officers
Civilian Personnel (Full-Time): 71 persons
Employment Opportunities: Records Section, Police Officer, Police Dispatcher and Community Service Officer.

Addison Police Department
3 Friendship Plaza
Addison, IL 60101
TX (630) 543-3080
FAX (630) 543-1069

Persons eligible to be considered for a ride-along are Addison Police Department volunteers (including participants in the CERT Program), persons currently on the Addison Police Department employment eligibility lists, social service interns and Addison Police Department employee family members and/or friends.

If you meet these criteria, please complete this application. Completed applications can then be sent either by mail to Administrative Commander Omar Brucal at the Addison Police Department, 3 Friendship Plaza, Addison, IL 60101 or via email to Administrative Commander Omar Brucal at OBrucal@addison-il.org.

If you have any questions or need more information, contact Administrative Commander Brucal at (630) 543-3080. 

It is the policy of the Addison Police Department to cooperate with recognized colleges and universities within the State to provide for a supervised internship program for selected students pursuing an Associates, Bachelor's or Graduate degree in Criminal Justice or a related field. The Addison Police Department's internship program provides the individual experience with various sections of the Police Department including, but not limited to:

* Field Services Division - Day and Night Shifts
* Crime Prevention Unit
* Traffic Safety Unit
* Criminal Investigations Section
* Gang Tactical Unit
* Records Management Section
* Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center
* Property and Evidence Unit

Criteria to qualify for our internship program include the following:

* being currently enrolled in a two- or four-year college or university with Criminal Justice or similar as your major
* submitting a copy of medical insurance when requested during the selection process
* signing the Release and Waiver of Liability form when requested during the selection process
* cooperating fully with the completion of your background investigation
* having a level of maturity suitable for observing law enforcement activities

Download the application for internship, complete and return to:

Administrative Commander Omar Brucal
Addison Police Department
3 Friendship Plaza
Addison, IL 60101
(630) 543-3080
Equal Opportunity Employer

The mission of the Addison Police Department Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) program is to support members in providing police service and to promote community partnership.

Become a part of the Addison Police Department team, bringing quality public safety services to the residents of Addison. We value our volunteers' diversity of skills, abilities, education, and life experiences which they nobly donate to our community. The most effective law enforcement efforts are collaborative partnerships between police and community members. Our volunteers perform a wide variety of duties throughout the Department, enabling our paid personnel to concentrate on specialized tasks and better manage their workflow. Some of our programs are volunteer-driven and would not exist without them! We provide our volunteers with on-the-job training, enabling them to achieve their peak performance in service to the Village of Addison.

For Tier 1 VIPS Positions (most volunteer positions):

  • Must be at least 18 years of age (except Explorers age 14-21).
  • Have a valid driver's license or other I.D.
  • Application
  • Criminal history check
  • Fingerprinting
  • Certified copies of birth certificate and high school transcripts or G.E.D.
  • Selection interview in prospective unit/s
For Tier 2 VIPS Positions (victim assistance, any volunteer position at the Henry Hyde Resource Center):

  • All of the Tier 1 steps listed above
  • Must be at least 21 years of age for victim assistance
  • Extensive background interview and investigation

Current List of Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.)
  • Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)
  • Police Explorers
  • Citizens Police Academy
  • Senior Citizens Police Academy
  • Teen Police Academy
  • Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.)
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Eagle Eye Neighborhood Park Watch
  • Henry Hyde Resource Center

Public safety is the domain of both law enforcement and the community that it serves. This shared responsibility achieves peak results when police integrate citizen involvement in their daily operations. The Addison Police Department is proud to offer a variety of important volunteer opportunities for community participation. Our Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) bring an array of skills and talents, fresh perspective, and tremendous commitment to their volunteer roles that continually demonstrate how vital this partnership between the Department and its citizens truly is. If you desire an exceptional experience in helping to safeguard the community, please consider this invitation to you to join our law enforcement team. Discover the profound reward of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the men and women whose mission it is to protect our community. Be the Source for the Force.

Experience the joy of helping others.

  • Learn new skills "on the job."
  • Explore career options.
  • Build your resume.
  • Network.
  • Discover new interests and aspirations.
  • Civic pride.
  • Community involvement.
  • Meet and get to know the men and women behind the uniform who serve our community.
  • Assist the Police Department and your neighbors during disasters.
If you are interested in our volunteer program, please e-mail Administrative Commander Omar Brucal at OBrucal@addison-il.org.