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Child Safety Seats

Child Safety Seats

Child Safety Seats

Child passenger safety is vital to the Addison Police Department's mission to create safer roadways within the Village. The Department has partnered with the National Highway Safety Administration, Safe Kids Worldwide, and the Illinois Department of Transportation to provide child safety seat education and installation assistance to residents and employees of businesses within the Village of Addison.

Please complete and submit the form below to request an appointment for child safety seat installation. Please allow up to 48 hours for an email response (excluding weekends and holidays). All properly submitted requests will be answered.

Child Seat Installation Request


Child safety seat (CPS) technicians are officers of the Department. Appointments are conducted while on duty. Please understand that emergency calls could cause your appointment to be delayed or rescheduled. The technician will contact you as soon as possible if this should occur.

The Police Department offers a limited number of free car seats to residents who otherwise cannot afford one. Requests for these car seats are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The Police Department's goal is to "educate" you on installing the car seat so that you will feel confident in re-installing it and insist that caregivers take an active role during each appointment. 

CPS technicians will NOT install any child safety seat that is expired or was previously used when the car seat history is unknown.

Before your appointment:

  • If you are expectant parents,  please schedule your appointment far enough in advance. Sometimes, the stork arrives earlier than anticipated.
  • Please know your child's current height and weight.
  • If possible, please have the child with you at the time of the appointment.
  • Please locate your vehicle owner's manual and familiarize yourself with the child safety seat installation section. This will demonstrate how to install a child safety seat in YOUR vehicle.
  • Please have the instruction manual for your child's safety seat available.
  • Be prepared to learn, not just watch the CPS technician install the car seat. They are trained to teach you, not install it for you. This one-on-one education typically takes 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the car seat and the vehicle. The CPS technician should take all the time necessary to ensure that you feel competent and confident in re-securing the car seat into the vehicle and re-buckling your child into the car seat on your own.
  • When properly secured, a child seat should not move side to side more than 1 inch when pulled from the base near the seat belt.
During your appointment, the CPS technician will:

  • Fill out a checklist form (including car seat type, location in the vehicle, misuse observations, if any, etc.).
  • Review car seat selection appropriate for your child's age and size and review factors affecting proper use.
  • Review the car seat instructions and the vehicle owner's manual with the caregiver and ensure that both are being followed correctly.
  • Ensure that an appropriate seating position in the vehicle is used, especially when using LATCH.
  • Check the car seat for recalls, visible damage, and an expiration date.
  • Have you install the car seat(s) correctly using either the seat belt or LATCH system. You are encouraged to ask to learn how to install the seat with either option or in different seating positions. 
  • Discuss the next steps for each child, such as when to move to the next type of car seat.
  • Discuss the benefits of everyone riding properly restrained, including all adults.
  • Discuss safety in and around the vehicle.
  • Discuss your state laws and best practice recommendations for occupant safety.
After the checkup, ensure you can say yes to ALL of these questions:

  • Did you perform the installation?
  • Do you feel confident about installing and using the car seat correctly?
  • Were your questions answered? If not, were you given direction as to who to contact, or will the CPS technician follow up with you?

The links below are valuable resources available to parents and caregivers:
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Safe Kids Worldwide (ultimate car seat guide)
Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) child passenger safety

If you have questions or need immediate assistance, please email MWeller@addison-il.org or call the Police Department at (630) 543-3080.