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Date: May 15, 2019

Addison Police Joins ‘Neighbors’ by Ring to Provide Users with Real-Time, Local Crime and Safety Information 

Neighbors aims to reduce crime in communities by connecting people, security cameras and law enforcement.  

Addison, IL-- 05/15/2019– The Addison Police today announced that it is joining the free Neighbors app by Ring to provide the Addison community with real-time, local crime and safety information. The Neighbors network already has millions of users and has been instrumental in catching package thieves, stopping burglaries, and keeping neighborhoods safe.   

Residents can text addisonil to 555888 from their smartphone to download the Neighbors app for free on iOS and Android and use the app to; join their neighborhood; share crime and safety-related videos, photos and text-based posts; and receive real-time safety alerts from their neighbors, local law enforcement and the Ring team.  

Director of Addison Police Tim Hayden said, “The Neighbors app makes it easy for residents to keep one another informed of local crime and safety situations occurring in their neighborhood. Now Addison Police can join the conversation directly and benefit all of us by helping to solve crimes and further the mission of the Addison Police in ensuring the safety and security of all who live, work and frequent Addison. The Addison Police Department will also be able to write their own posts and help spread information about recent crimes in the area or real-time crime information. The Neighbors app by Ring is completely free to anyone and Addison residents do not need to have a camera in order to participate in this program. 

The Addison Police Department is among other agencies in Illinois to partner with Ring for this crime fighting tool. Like other social media sharing platforms, the Neighbors app is not meant to replace 911. If Addison residents see a crime or suspicious activity occurring they are asked to immediately dial 911. 

Jamie Siminoff, Chief Inventor and Founder of Ring, said, “We’re excited to have the Addison Police join Neighbors to keep their community up-to-date on local crime and safety information. Over the past few years we have learned that, when neighbors, the Ring team and law enforcement all work together, we can create safer communities. Neighbors is meant to facilitate real-time communication between these groups, while maintaining neighbor privacy first and foremost. By bringing security to every neighbor with the free Neighbors app, the Addison community can stay on top of crime and safety alerts as they happen.”  

How It Works 

  • Text addisonil to 555888 or click here:   http://download.ring.com/addison from your smartphone to download the app for free on iOS and Android. 
  • Opt-in to join your neighborhood. 
  • Customize the geographic area you want to receive notifications for (users must verify where they are located and cannot participate in other neighborhoods). 
  • Receive real-time alerts from your neighbors, local law enforcement and the Ring team that inform of crime and safety alerts as they happen. 
  • View local crime and safety posts via a live feed or interactive map. 
  • Share text updates, photos and videos taken on any device, including Ring’s home security devices. 
  • Work with your community to make neighborhoods safer.  

About Addison Police  

The Addison Police Department is a nationally accredited CALEA department, receiving the highest honor, "Accreditation with Excellence," from the Commission.  It maintains this professional standard of excellence throughout its daily operations. We place value on the relationships our officers develop with members of our community. We are committed to preventing crime, uniformly enforcing the laws to provide a safe community to work, live, raise your family or have a business.   

About Neighbors 

Neighbors is a neighborhood watch app that provides real-time, local crime and safety information. Download the free Neighbors app (iOS/Android), join your neighborhood, and use the app to: view neighborhood activity; share crime and safety-related videos, photos and text-based posts; and receive real-time safety alerts from your neighbors, local law enforcement and the Ring team. For more information visit www.ring.com/neighbors.  

About Ring 

Ring's mission is to reduce crime in neighborhoods by creating a Ring of Security around homes and communities with its suite of home security products and services. The Ring product line, along with the Ring Neighbors app, enable Ring to offer affordable, complete, proactive home and neighborhood security in a way no other company has before. In fact, two Newark, New Jersey neighborhoods saw an over 50% decrease in home break-ins after Ring Video Doorbells and Spotlight Cams were installed on 11% of homes in the communities from April-July 2018 when compared to the same time period in 2017. Ring is an Amazon company. For more information, visit www.ring.com. With Ring, you’re always home.  


Addison Media Contact 
Deputy Chief Brian Goss 
(630) 693-7943  

Neighbors Media Contact

Morgan Culbertson 
Public Relations Coordinator, Neighbors by Ring 
M: (805) 822-9694  

Please do not store the following on your driveway, deck, patio or grass:

  • Construction materials or equipment
  • Landscaping materials or equipment
  • Furniture, other than what is intended for exterior use
  • Vehicle parts
  • Similar items typically not stored outside a building 

Piling up or storing unused or unwanted items outside your home can be unsightly to neighbors and may make a good hiding spot for burglars or trespassers.

Date: March 4, 2019
Time: Until Sold
Location:  Online at https://www.propertyroom.com/
 Address:  26421 Crown Valley Pkwy
                       Unit 200
                       Mission Vielo, CA  92691
                       (949) 282-0121

Any person providing reasonable and satisfactory proof of ownership or right to possession of any property to be auctioned shall have their property returned to them if claim is made prior to the auction.

Unclaimed items to be auctioned from the Addison Police Department:

  • Bicycles
  • Jewelry
  • Miscellaneous Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Skateboard

On 1/17/19 at approximately 4:25 AM, Officers responded to the 200 block of Mill Road to investigate a domestic disturbance.

Addison Police Officers arrived on scene minutes later.  While entering the apartment, officers encountered a person armed with a knife.  Officers gave commands to gain the person’s compliance in dropping the knife.  This person advanced on officers while brandishing the knife.  One officer fired their duty weapon and struck the person. Other officers and medical personnel responded to the residence and provided medical attention.

This was an isolated incident, which has ended, and there are no concerns for the on-going safety of the public. 

The investigation into the incident will be conducted by the DuPage Major Crimes Task Force, which is standard practice for an officer-involved shooting.

The Addison Police Department recognizes, during officer-involved shooting incidents, the media and community have many questions. We will do our best to provide information as it is available to be released, and we appreciate the community’s patience while this investigation proceeds.  All updates to this investigation will be shared via the Addison Police Department Facebook page.

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